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PostSubject: Re-Animator   Tue Dec 20, 2011 6:32 pm

The current Re-Animator Build

Creatures (3):
1x Sphinx of the Steel Wind
1x Angel of Despair
1x Chancellor of the Annex

Legendary Creatures (4):
3x Gin Gitaxis
1x Iona, Shield of Emeria

Instants (16):
4x Force of Will
4x Brainstorm
4x Daze
4x Entomb

Sorceries (17):
4x Careful Study
4x Reanimate
4x Exhume
2x Ponder
1x Duress
2x Thoughtsieze

Enchantments (2):
2x Animate Dead

Lands (18):
4x Polluted Delta
2x Misty Rainforest
3x Marsh Flats
4x Underground Sea
2x Swamp
1x Island
2x Darkslick Shores
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