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 Cards to Pick Up

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PostSubject: Cards to Pick Up   Cards to Pick Up EmptyTue Dec 20, 2011 6:52 pm

It is my firm belief that we should pick up the following cards in relative short order (explanations given)

Bloodlord of Vasgoth- The vampire tribe was once quite dominant and this Lord is deceptively powerful. While it does not provide an instantaneous static bonus and/or evasion (i.e. Vampire Nocturnus) it is going for about 2 dollars as a mythic. The chances it will drop more are rather slim, whereas, it has solid potential to increase in value should vampires become a viable tribe in standard. It is also important to note that the Vampire Nocturnus has maintained a 14+ dollar price tag even without it being played in any competitive format.

Skaab Ruinator- This card was at one point 20+ dollars and has plummeted due to seeing 0 play in any competitive format. However, with this block seemingly being a graveyard based block it is likely that he will eventually see tournament play. It is unlikely that his price will drop any lower than it's current 3-4 dollar range.

Clifftop Retreat- Being one of the Innistrad duel lands it and all it's brethren have rapidly dropped to the 3-5 dollar range, which was to be expected. Currently these can be bought for around 2 dollars a piece and given that they are unlikely to be reprinted in any core sets means that there's a decent chance that like the Scars duels they will hover in the low end range until they become the only source of mana fixing in these colors. Retreat is by far the lowest and can possibly be traded straight up to players who are looking to complete playsets of innistrad duels.

Moorland Haunt- This card has become the backbone of several standard deck archetypes. Currently they can be picked up for around 1.50-2 dollars per and will most likely jump to the 5-7 dollar range (given it's ability to provide a stream of threats which play very well with equipment)

Mental Misstep-While banned in all formats save Standard/EDH it has plummeted in value from 6 dollars to a little under 1 dollar. However, should modern continue to be "control-free" wizards will most likely unban this card as it helps keep combo/aggro in check. If/when this occurs the card will probably go back to the 2-3 dollar range. These can often be picked up as "extras" in trade and should be traded at the 50-75 cent value when trying to pick them up.

Gut Shot- This breakout uncommon is seeing a LOT of play as a great solution to anything Illusions as well as a lot of the formats dangerous 1-drops. A month ago you could buy them at 5 cents a piece. Now they go for 50 cents or more per. While the price will most likely not go up much higher if they can be picked up as "extras" they should be.

Beast Within- If you're not noticing the trend, NPH has a LOT of awesome uncommons. Beast within is Green's "everything answer" and it's versatility in providing a threat at instant speed should not be overlooked. If you can trade for them at 1 dollar you can easily get 2-2.5 in trade for them from dealers.
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Cards to Pick Up
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